Our Law Firm’s Mission


GVM Law serves and preserves family businesses for owners and employees. A trusted, approachable team of advisors and confidants, GVM Law is dedicated to providing personal service to clients and creating life-long relationships. Employees are treated like family, and we are proud of the long-term tenure of our team. Through unparalleled expertise, GVM seeks to preserve and improve the Napa Valley community and beyond. 


Practice Areas


At GVM Law, our legacy is about creating yours.

We strive to provide the best services in Estate Planning, Wine Law, Business Law, Real Estate Law, Litigation and Cannabis Law in Northern California.


Trusts & Estates Law

Your Legacy Matters

GVM’s Estate Planning attorneys are dedicated to helping individuals and families pass their assets and investments from one generation to the next in a manner consistent with their desires and personal values.

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Wine Law

Deep-Rooted Values

Based in Napa Valley, GVM has grown over the past forty years alongside the greatest vintners in the United States. We’ve broken new ground helping our clients run successful businesses in the wine industry.

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Business Law

Ensured Business Trust

For the past forty years, GVM has represented regional, national, and multinational companies in the wine industry and virtually every other industry as corprate counsel and in wide variety of business financial transactions. Learn More...



GVM litigators work in tandem with our Estate Planning, Wine Law and Business Departments to provide keen insight and support to address a myriad of disputes and achieve successful resolutions for clients whether through informal negotiations, court process, or private alternative dispute resolution. Learn More

Employment and Labor Law

GVM offers proactive employment and labor law counseling to minimize your business liabilities. We are versed with issues ranging from pre-application to post separation that present unique challenges both at the administrative level or in formal litigation. Learn More

Taxation Law

GVM provides tax planning and advisory services to its clients in the areas of corporate taxation, partnership taxation, estate & gift taxation, real estate taxation and more. Learn More


Real Estate Law

GVM has a depth of experience in agricultural and other real estate matters. This includes acquisition, financing, leasing and sale transactions. Learn More


We have a commitment to our community, and it all starts with the relationship we have with our clients.