Cannabis Law

GVM brings its unmatched expertise to the emerging legal cannabis industry in California and nationwide. GVM’s Cannabis Law department focuses on transactions and investments in the industry, advising companies, investors and ancillary service providers on dealmaking and capital raising. Decades of experience closing deals across asset classes and working in capital markets, our national network of cannabis companies and professionals, and our sensitivities to the challenges facing this high-growth, entrepreneurial market provide a level of sophistication and knowledge that few other law firms offer for this industry.  

In addition to advising on deals, GVM’s Cannabis Department provides general business law advice to companies in the industry. From startups raising its first round of seed capital to established businesses with years of operating experience, GVM advises on the daily aspects of running a business–growth strategy, risk assessment, contracting, employee matters, real estate leases, financing. We also work closely with the top cannabis regulatory lawyers in the nation to grow our knowledge about the unique aspects of doing business in this industry.

Please note that possessing, using, distributing, and/or selling cannabis or cannabis-based products is illegal under Federal Law.